Howdy! I'm Meera. I'm a native Texan, a general badass, wife, double doggo mom, world traveler, and minimalist with zero waste aspirations. When not working as a grants manager at an awesome STEM non-profit, I read an excessive number of YA books, play with my adorable golden retrievers, constantly rearrange our home, and travel the world with my lovely husband.

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Eco-Friendly Finds: Target Edition

In the past, it’s definitely felt like being eco-friendly also meant paying a lot of money (or having to get things shipped from far off zero waste stores) to get things like bar shampoos, refillable deodorant, cleaning supplies, etc. At times, it has seemed like being eco-friendly just wasn’t for …

Healthy Habits in a Trying Year

At this point… no one wants to hear “you should eat healthy!” or “do a HIIT workout 5x/week!” … many are just trying to survive/get through this year without feeling guilty that they aren’t doing the “right” thing. I’m definitely on this boat but at the same time… I also …