Howdy! I'm Meera. I'm a native Texan, a general badass, wife, double doggo mom, world traveler, and minimalist with zero waste aspirations. When not working as a grants manager at an awesome STEM non-profit, I read an excessive number of YA books, play with my adorable golden retrievers, constantly rearrange our home, and travel the world with my lovely husband.

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Make Your Clothes Last

A huge part of both the zero waste and minimalist lifestyles involve taking care of what you already own so that you aren’t buying things unnecessarily. This is incredibly important especially when it comes to clothing. A few simple steps can help prolong the life of your clothes and prevent …

Link Round Up #106 + Garden Update

View this post on Instagram Some garden updates! Take a moment of zen and watch me do some fall gardening. This week we're planting some kale transplants, protecting the greens from evil cabbage loppers, testing out some leek seeds, mulching to prevent weeds, and harvesting more roselle. #garden #gardening #fallgarden …