Link Round Up #8

Favorites from the week: Video: Making a zero waste kit. Video: Black Panther’s costume designer breaks down a scene. Teachers! Crayola accepts markers for recycling. Get your school signed up! Where to donate rubber bands. On recycling metal properly.  

Zero Waste Doggos

Meet our dogs, Scout and Sydney. Sydney is our 14 year old golden and Scout is our 1 year old golden. Aren’t they cute? Now. Dogs sure do produce a lot of waste. They eat a lot. Poop a lot. Destroy things a lot. BUT it is possible to reduce …

Link Round Up #7

Favorites from the week: For fun: 15 acts of self care for the weekend. On balancing the zero waste life. Conscious Mothers Day giving ideas (if you want something physical). On finding secondhand activewear.? On leading a happy life. Stop buying shit you don’t need.  

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Or…. not. I wanted to share some pictures today from my recycling classes with the city. We toured multiple facilities including a single stream recycling plant, a textile recycling facility, and an electronics recycling facility. I think we all have a feeling of “go me!” when you declutter, take things …

Link Round Up #6

Favorites from the week: Tips on beginning to live a more sustainable lifestyle (great for city dwellers!). Boooooo — record level of plastic in Arctic Sea. On curbing your social media addiction. On growing a minimalist wardrobe. On marriage (I’m also finding the comments section of this article fascinating…)

Link Round Up #5

Favorites from the week: People always ask how I can be productive working from home — well, here are some good tips. Hanky Panky now recycles old underwear — yay! Life lessons from doggos. Zero Waste free pass (I wrote about our “luxury items” here.) As a fellow world traveler, …

Composting with Bokashi

I love composting with bokashi. Okay, rewind. What is bokashi anyways? Bokashi is a way of fermenting food waste (including dairy and meat, which usually isn’t composted in the traditional way) so that when the fermented food waste is thrown in to a compost pile, it breaks down much quicker. …