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Link Round Up #112

How to organize your fridge. Outgrowing the life you thought you wanted. Joy takes practice. The Olympics and the environment. Whattt…. you’re surprised women are putting off motherhood? Shocking. The worst money spent.

Link Round Up #111

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Less is Meera (@lessismeera) A house full of favorites. There‚Äôs a lot more to chai than spiced milk tea. Don’t underestimate your resilience. Make your own clothes. Goodwill doesn’t want your broken toaster.

Link Round Up #110

The pandemic void only my girlfriends can fill. 20 one minute habits for a clutter-free home. The end of the shelfie. K-drama + K-beauty pairings. Racism against the AAPI community is a beauty industry problem. I recommend regular celebrations.

Link Round Up #106 + Garden Update

View this post on Instagram Some garden updates! Take a moment of zen and watch me do some fall gardening. This week we're planting some kale transplants, protecting the greens from evil cabbage loppers, testing out some leek seeds, mulching to prevent weeds, and harvesting more roselle. #garden #gardening #fallgarden …