• Mindful Christmas Decorating

    I, like many others, have an addiction to watching those “holiday haul” videos on TikTok… you know, the ones where someone goes to Target and buys a bunch of beautiful Christmas decor. And as much as I would love to get the sweet sugarplum rush that comes from new wreaths and mini Christmas trees… I refrain. As you know, I love Christmas. And the decorating that goes along with it. My usual minimal tendencies become a bit more… maximal. But, as I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed and I have less patience for cleaning glitter and flocking. I find myself drawn to more elevated styles and colors that will…

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  • Plastic Free July Tips for 2021

    It’s that time again — Plastic Free July! While every day should involve doing your best to save our planet, Plastic Free July is a great time to explore even more ways to reduce plastic waste. At this point, reusable bags/straws/water bottles are becoming a bit more mainstream… so let’s talk about some other ways to challenge yourself to go plastic free. Hair/body care products: This month, make it a goal to replace at least one of your plastic shampoo/conditioner/body wash bottles with a package free, bar soap option. (I’d say the easiest one to replace is body wash as there are so many bar soap options from both small,…

  • Wishful Recycling

    Before we get into recycling, I’d first like to remind you about those two things that are even better than recycling! YES. REDUCE AND REUSE. Always do those two things first. Now that that is out of the way… Obviously, there’s always going to be stuff to recycle. And recycling is much better than having something go to the landfill. However, there is also something called wishful recycling… where you desperately don’t want to put something in the trash so you figure, hey, this item COULD be recyclable (or this is similar to other things I recycle)… let’s just do that. Don’t do this. It can contaminate items that can…

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